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Calgary Concrete | Calgary Concrete Core Drilling Tips

Calgary concrete is constantly evolving through the construction of buildings, roads, and new neighbourhoods.  Concrete is the foundation in which most construction projects in Calgary are built on. 

At Phoenix Concrete Cutting & Coring, we are one of the top Calgary concrete contractors.  Check out our video to learn more about us here.  Our company uses the best tools and practices in order to have construction projects endure Calgary’s conditions.  

Here are 4 tips for Calgary contractors when coring or drilling concrete:

  1. CHOOSING A DRILL: There are a few options to keep in mind.  Normally, a hand held drill is used when coring concrete holes up to 3 inches in diameter, although minimum core size for strength testing has a 1.85 inch radius.  Calgary concrete contractors use a drill stand or rig-mounted unit as their primary choice.  When purchasing a drill, you’ll want to use one that’s more adaptable for multiple projects.  Having higher adaptability will provide options on the job site.
  2. POWER: There are 3 different power options when it comes to concrete coring drills: air, electric, and hydraulic.  Choosing a power option will depend largely on your jobsite environment and the amount of power that’s available to you.  Keep in mind that with power you must choose an appropriate speed for the size of hole you’re drilling as well. 
  3. CHOOSING A DIAMOND BIT: When choosing a diamond bit, you must consider the PSI of the concrete and aggregate hardness.  For harder concrete, use a soft diamond bond and for a softer concrete, use a hard diamond bond.
  4. DEPTH:  If the project requires you to drill a hole deeper than 1 foot, you may use barrel bits, which are really bit extensions that lets the operator drill even deeper than the cutting bit.

Making the right decision on a concrete coring drill will definitely impact your operational ability.  Calgary concrete cutting and coring is also affected dynamically by our very unique weather.  These 4 tips will help Calgary contractors who want to work on concrete coring and core drilling more efficiently.